Class/Tutorial Teaching

2012/19  Class/tutorial teaching in Chemistry (University of Oxford)
Courses taught: synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry as listed below.

2015/16  College lecturer in Chemistry (University of Oxford, Wadham)
Courses taught: diffraction, solid state chemistry, transition metals, lanthanides and actinides, organometallics, coordination chemistry, main group, reaction mechanisms, spectroscopy and magnetism.

2013/14  College lecturer in Chemistry (University of Oxford, Christ Church)
Courses taught: atomic structure and periodic trends, ionic model and solid state chemistry, molecular shapes, symmetry and molecular orbital theory, acids, bases and solution equilibria, non-metal chemistry, transition metal chemistry.

Laboratory Supervision

2017/18  Supervision of Masters Student
Thesis Title: Perylene diimide macroycles for anion sensing.

2016/17  Supervision of Masters Student
Thesis Title: Halogen bonding [3]catenanes for anion binding-induced rotary molecular motion.

2015       Supervision of Summer Student
Christ Church college scholarship for a summer project student
Project title: Halogen bonding [3]rotaxane molecular shuttles.

2013/14  Supervision of Masters Student
Thesis Title:  Two-station rotaxanes for anion binding-induced shuttling behaviour.